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Hey there!
I’m Heather.

My Services


I love that writing allows me to explore a variety of topics, travel to new places, and meet interesting people from around the world. Thanks to this amazing career, I have published articles on home and design, travel, lifestyle and more.



I’m a big-picture editor who deftly manages editorial planning, assignment and budget tracking, photography needs, deadlines and production. I have a unusual mix of left brain organizational skills and right brain creativity.


Publishing Coaching

I’ve launched magazines from nothing more than an idea and helped them capture market share and the attention of readers. I have proven processes that can help streamline your small publishing business. 

About Me

I have a confession to make: I’ve got a serious magazine addiction. The kind where when I move (which I’ve done a few times recently), I pack them up in about 100 boxes and discreetly label them “Heather Office.” I’ve got subscriptions to everything from Health to Kiplinger’s, EatingWell to Outside. I get the New York Times Sunday edition just so I can get the magazine. And everywhere I travel, I pick up as many local pubs as I can find on news racks, in stores and on street corners. I read some of them cover-to-cover. I peruse others only for what catches my attention or for layout ideas. I stick my nose in them in search of that fresh-off-the-press smell. Mmmm … love that.

I value the relationship I’ve developed with Heather as my editor over several years. She’s easy to work with and quick to respond. Heather is direct but encouraging, and my pieces always come out looking better after her edits. I trust Heather with my writing.

– Amanda, writer

Heather is a super patient and fantastic editor to work with. She listens openly to my ideas for articles and lets me know where she thinks they’ll fit best in a magazine or kindly rejects them. I enjoy reading her articles and appreciate how she edits mine. I find Heather to be an ideal editor, leader, and creative thinker.

– Jules, writer

Heather is consistent, reliable, organized, and professional and I trust her immensely with the responsibility of managing the editorial of two of our company’s magazines. Additionally, Heather’s positive attitude makes her a wonderful asset to our company.


– Alpine Publishing Group

Let’s Start a Conversation

Have a story to tell? A magazine idea that’s been percolating? I can help bring these to fruition!